11 Ideas to Market Your Small Business on a Low-Budget

I am sure that your realize that marketing for your small business is not only daunting, but it is also on a tight, small budget. You should not have to worry about that much because we will be giving you 11 ideas on how to market your small business on a low-budget.

Now once you start attracting new leads and followers, you should have an already-to-go sales funnel to convert you new legion of leads.

Your Guide to Establishing a Successful Online Boutique

So, you have decided to start your own online boutique? I am not shocked as to why you would want to do so. Getting into this industry is very lucrative. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that is also a low barrier of entry business, as well.

Even though this industry is booming, not many succeed. It is usually do to the fact that many just do not know how to start their online boutique correctly.

My guide below will show you exactly how to start your online boutique so that you have a solid foundation to grow your business upon.

Marketing to Minorities: Is it Any Different Than Marketing to the Majority?

Marketing to minorities on the surface may seem like a no brainer in approach, but from experience we have found that that there are small nuances to be aware of. Just like any other target market, you must understand those nuances prior to spending a lot of money on marketing.

I am here to tell you that marketing to minorities is different, so the approach should be slightly different as well.

We will discuss way to better your approach when marketing to minorities.

The Only SEO Guideline You Need: 7 Steps to Take to Rank on Google

This comprehensive SEO guideline not only will help you rank higher on Google, but it help increase traffic to your content and site without spending a lot of money to someone else. Once you follow this 7 step SEO guideline, you have the ability to create more time to work on other aspects of you business, which means efficient production and higher ROI.

What Exactly is a Sales Funnel and Do You Really Need One?

Sales funnels are several stages that turn piques of interest into a finalized sale. The process of moving the potential customer through this sales process looks like a funnel. Hence the name, sales funnel.

Depending on the product or service sold, the sales funnel can be done in at least 3 stages. No matter how many steps you choose your funnel to be, it usually follows the same process. Sometimes that process can be really short or really drawn out.

5 SEO Tips for Photographers in 2019

SEO for photographers is just as important as SEO for any other industry. If you goal is get as much exposure as possible, then you maximizing SEO for site should be top of the list for you.

In order to have your portfolio seen more often, then your goal is to rank your site as high as possible. The higher you rank, the better, because it is not often that potential clients will look past the first or second page.